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DUI & Drunk Driving

When should I hire a DUI attorney?

4 steps to know when you should hire a DUI attorney
You’ve been arrested for DUI.
Getting an attorney on your side as fast as possible to challenge breath and blood tests are a crucial first step to getting your charges reduced or eliminated. DUI charges include driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (or both.)
You've been in a drunk driving accident with a motor vehicle.
Whether it’s your first offense or “not your fault,” you need an attorney to review the drunk driving crash, your blood and breath tests, and be there for your first court appearance.
It’s been 10 years since your last DUI.
If you completed the ARD program and kept your record clean for 10 years after your DUI, you could automatically qualify to have your DUI expunged. If you did not complete the ARD program or need help sooner than 10 years, call us. Expungement is more difficult, but not impossible.
Your minor child was arrested for DUI
Pennsylvania laws are very strict when it comes to underage drinking, minor in possession, and especially drunk driving. You need an attorney that will fight for your son or daughter and help you keep this lapse in judgement from affecting your child's future. 

If you’ve been charged with DUI,
the answer is NOW.
Don’t Let Your Drunk Driving Charge Go Unchallenged

Common DUI charges we help with:

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or Subsequent DUI

The State of Pennsylvania takes drunk driving, impaired driving, or driving under the influence of any controlled substance, very seriously and has established harsh laws to punish even first-time offenders. Drug use and alcohol use leads to impaired judgment, impaired perception, reduced response time, and poor coordination which can often lead to fatal crashes.

Some first-time DUI cases could qualify for a program commonly referred to as ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Deposition).  Successful completion of the Program will lead to the charges being withdrawn and the Clerk of Courts Office expunging/clearing your record.  However, penalties and expenses for each DUI builds on the prior convictions, creating a history of DUI offenses, jail time, loss of your driving privileges, and your freedom.  You need an experienced drunk driving attorney every time you are charged with DUI, or DWI to challenge your blood and breath tests and fight for the reduction or elimination of charges.

DUI Accident

If you were involved in an auto accident while under the influence- even if it was not your fault, you will be charged with a DUI. Alcohol-related crashes come with stiffer penalties and enhanced sentencing. It is crucial to choose a DUI attorney experienced in protecting your rights to represent you at your first hearing. This is where the charges against you are announced and your bail is set.  At this Hearing, we will in almost all cases get your bail lowered if necessary and some of your charges reduced or removed altogether. Your future depends on choosing an attorney like the ones at Zunder and Associates, who will fight for your rights and vigorously defend your case.

Underage DUI

Pennsylvania has close to a zero tolerance for underage drinking/consumption, so an underage DUI is a severe offense in the Commonwealth. If found guilty of underage DUI, your minor child faces stiff penalties that could include jail time. Hiring an effective lawyer from Zunder and Associates is imperative to helping your child reduce or eliminate drunk driving charges that could affect their ability to drive, get a job, get into college, or worse.

Boating DUI

Boating under the influence (BUI) comes with the similar stiff penalties as those delved out for drunk driving. You could lose your boating privileges, get jail time, and face high fines. You will be required to perform a breath or blood test. If you refuse, it will result in the loss of boating privileges for 1-year and could be used against you in court. You need to call us right away to ensure your rights are protected.

Extreme DUI

As your BAC (blood alcohol content) increases, so do the severity of your penalties. In Pennsylvania, BAC levels exceeding 0.10% are considered extreme DUI. The legal blood alcohol level limit is 0.08%. Extreme DUI cases need an aggressive DUI attorney like the ones at Zunder and Associates, who understand the nuances of drunk driving laws, can take immediate action to review breath and blood tests for accuracy and challenge the results, and can effectively fight to reduce or eliminate your charges.

DUI Expungement/Limited Access

Mistakes happen. While the drunk driving laws were put in place to protect victims of drunk driving, sometimes one bad decision can lead to a lifetime of problems. In the event your DUI was not resolved with ARD, a DUI conviction can be cleared via the Limited Access Statute ten ( 10 ) years from the conclusion of your last sentence if you meet certain criteria.  Your record can be cleared of a first time DUI conviction after 10 years without a second offense, if you meet certain criteria. Contact Zunder and Associates in year nine to ensure you have something to safely celebrate.

Zunder and Associates are Butler County’s Aggressive DUI Attorneys

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Protect Your Rights and Your Freedom

Every DUI you receive compounds until you've lost everything, including your freedom.  You need an experienced drunk driving attorney every time you are charged with a DUI that will challenge the reason for the initial stop; your blood or breath test results; and fight for the reduction or total elimination of the charges.   

As Pennsylvania's recognized drunk driving attorneys, we help minors and adults with driver's license restoration, DUI expungements, and fighting DUI charges in and around Butler County.

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