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Contract & Business Law

When should I hire a contract attorney?

4 ways to tell if you need to hire a contract attorney
You are entering or dissolving a partnership.
Just like in marriage, new partners rarely plan for divorce, but when divorce happens, they wish they had. We will help you set up a business contract that covers all the bases, and in the event it’s time for you to part ways, we are here to help it go as smooth as possible.
You are acquiring a new entity.
Mergers and acquisitions are time consuming and take a great deal of detail work and due diligence. Let us guide you through the process and ensure the documentation is in order.
You are an executive in transition.
Your position and compensation package is complex. Ensure you are getting exactly what you’re asking for. We review contracts, help with negotiations, non-compete agreements and more.
Your business is a sole proprietorship.
We will help keep you and your business safe. Protect your assets by forming an LLC or Corp with Zunder and Associates.

If you’re doing business,
the answer is NOW.
Don't Go Into the Boardroom Without Us

How we can help:

Sole Proprietorship

While doing business as a sole proprietorship is one of the easiest ways of doing business in PA, protecting your assets from liability and other factors requires a qualified business attorney like the business attorneys at Zunder and Associates. We’ll review the advantages and disadvantages between sole proprietorship, LLC, and S-Corp to ensure your business is able to take advantage of tax benefits, is set up for growth and your personal assets are protected against the unexpected.

Business Divorce

Whether a key partner leaves on friendly or uncordial terms, leaves and takes proprietary information, or simply passes away, a business divorce can be messy, stressful, and unpleasant. Even when a well drafted agreement was in place to begin with, it rarely includes terms for dissolving the partnership. Involving a qualified business attorney early on will help ensure a structured approach is in place and a suitable agreement is reached with the proper documentation and protections for all parties involved.

Executive Representation

Senior level corporate executive compensation packages and contracts can be complicated, especially when it comes to shares or stocks in the company, non-compete agreements, and keeping your reputation in place, especially while you transition out of another company. The Butler County business attorneys at Zunder and Associates specialize in contract negotiations, litigation, representation for severance, negotiating change in control agreements, and more.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are major events and require legal guidance even at the early stages of consideration. Our business attorneys are qualified to help you evaluate, structure, and execute the transaction. Our legal services include: due diligence oversight, review of corporate governance, antitrust negotiations, and more.

Zunder and Associates are Butler’s Small Business Lawyers

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Get the Representation You Need

If reading a contract is like reading a second language, call the small business attorneys of Zunder and Associates.

Why do you need a contract lawyer? Contracts are not necessarily written to favor you, even if they tell you it’s to protect both your interests. You need someone who works exclusively for you or your business. The contract attorneys of Zunder and Associates only focus on your best interests. Whether we are working on behalf of you, the executive, or you, the corporation, we’ll ensure you understand every implication of what you are preparing to sign.

Ensure your best interests are protected, hire the small business attorneys at Zunder and Associates to review and write your contracts.

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