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Divorce & Family Law

When should I hire a Divorce Attorney?

4 signs that you should hire a divorce attorney.
You’re considering divorce or have been served divorce papers.
Understanding exactly what’s at stake and what your legal options are before you start the divorce process will help us all make a better strategy for divorcing on your terms.
Your former spouse is not adhering to the terms of the divorce.
If your ex-spouse is violating the terms of the divorce, whether it’s not paying child support, withholding visitation or custody, keeping property, or anything else, you’ll need a family law attorney to serve contempt of court papers and to guide you through the process.
Your circumstances post-divorce have changed.
Loss of income, retirement, work-related moves, inability to care for your children, and other circumstances may require a post-divorce modification. Make sure your needs are met and get Zunder and Associates on your side.
You’re considering adoption.
All adoptions require an adoption attorney to complete the legal portion of the adoption. This includes the safe and legal termination of parental rights of the the birth parents.

If you have a family matter you can’t resolve alone,
the answer is NOW.
Get Divorced on Your Terms

Common family law matters we help with:


If you’re getting divorced in Butler County or any other county in Central or Western Pennsylvania, get the strength of Zunder and Associates behind you. With years of experience negotiating fair and air tight divorces both in and out of court, if you want to get divorced on your terms, you’ll want to call Zunder and Associates. We specialize in no-nonsense divorces and high profile settlements.

Legal Separation

Although a legal separation is a contract between two people, legal separations are not easily enforced. So, it’s important to have your separation agreement written by an experienced attorney who will include provisions for remedies in the event either party breaches contract. This is especially important when children are involved. The family law attorneys at Zunder and Associates will assist you with preparing, challenging, defending, and seeking enforcement of separation agreements.


When it comes to child custody as part of a divorce or legal separation, we ensure the best interests of your children are considered first and foremost. We will fight on your behalf for full or joint physical and legal custody of your children. If your existing custody agreement/order needs to be modified or your ex-spouse or co-parent relocates, we are prepared to fight for your rights and those of your children.

Child Support

Every parent has a financial duty to support their children. Pennsylvania has specific guidelines for determining the fee schedule for basic child support obligations until the child reaches age 18 or graduates high school, which event occurs later. As part of your divorce or legal separation prepared by Zunder and Associates, we will ensure you understand exactly what the terns of child support will be in accordance with the custodial terms of the divorce.


Whether you are adopting an infant, foster child, stepchild, or adult, the family attorneys of Zunder and Associates will ensure that the legal aspect of your adoption is complete. From the paperwork to the courtroom, we are excited to help you grow your family in the eyes of the law.

Juvenile Defense

Zunder and Associates can effectively represent your child 17 and younger in the juvenile criminal or civil court system as well as helping ensure the juvenile crime is sealed from public record. Help to ensure that one bad decision as a youth, doesn’t impact your son or daughter for the rest of their lives.

Zunder and Associates are Butler County’s Trusted Family Law Attorneys

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Get Divorced on Your Terms

Divorce is never the easy way out of a bad situation. It takes personal strength and legal representation that puts your children and your needs first. It takes an attorney who knows when to give a little to get to the bigger picture and can guide you confidently through the negotiations and decisions you need to make to get the outcome you want.

The divorce lawyers at Zunder and Associates in Butler County help you cut through the noise to decide what’s truly important to you and then aggressively fight to get it. When it comes to parental custody, division of assets, and sentimental items, we won’t stop until you’re satisfied with the resolution. Our goal is to help you end your marriage with as little turmoil as possible, but if it comes down to it, we’re prepared to take the gloves off.

If you’re considering divorce or need to challenge an unfair settlement, the family law attorneys at Zunder and Associates will fight for you.

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